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Standard pricing subjects are subjects which require little to no off-line preparation by the tutor. These are subjects that tend to be commonly asked for by students.

Having students come to my home allows me to schedule sessions both before and after any particular student. This allows me to reduce my fees in these cases. I am located near 40th and Old Cheney. (See a map. Click your browser's back button to get back to this page.)

High School, Middle School, and Elementary

One Person Rate

The rate for one person is $25 per hour.

Group Rates

An individual's group rate is calculated using the formula (n + 1) R / (2n) where n is the number of people in the group and R is a person's single-person price rate (including any promotional discounts). So the individual rate for two people (using the regular rate of $25/hr as an example) would be (2 + 1)($25 per hour) / 4 = $18.75 per hour, three people would be (3 + 1)$25 / 6 = $16.67 per hour, and so on. Promotions that lower an individual's single-person rate are applied before the group rate formula is used.

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