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Car Window Decal Promotion

This promotion takes $3 per hour off of your single-person tutoring rate. (Note: the group rate formula applies to the single-person rate after the $3 per hour discount.)

The only thing you have to do is put a window decal on the back window of your car for the duration of your tutoring with me. The decal goes on the outside of your window. The (first) decal is free.

Your window should be cleaned first and then completely dried before putting the decal on or else the decal won't stick. (I recommend waiting ten to twenty minutes after wetting it.) Then just peel the decal off the transfer paper and apply to the window. Rub gently over each letter and that should seal it sufficiently. Then slowly peal the front paper off and press down on the letters one final time. After the semester, the decal comes off easily with a razor blade (although I would certainly appreciate you keeping on as long as you can).

If you skip a semester or more attending sessions with me, you can bank each semester you take off as an additional $3 per hour off of your single-person rate if you keep the decal on your vehicle. This can also be used for parents with more than one child. Note, the minimum single-person rate you can obtain is $0 per hour, banked single-person rates are limited to 4 hours of tutoring in any week (Sunday through Saturday), attending one or more sessions in a semester counts as attending that semester, and banking is only valid twice a year for the fall and spring semesters.

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