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Background Checks and Child Safety

I work as a mentor for Lincoln Public Schools. A mentor (in this context) is basically a one-on-one teacher for children who are identified as highly gifted so that they can move at a faster pace through material and/or have the opportunity to do enrichment type of activities that a normal student wouldn't have time for. Each year I have to reactivate my mentor status which in part means agreeing to new background checks. Clearly I pass these checks because they allow me to continue being a mentor each year.

A great deal of my business comes from the college students around the city. And you might be surprised to know that they don't seem to care if I've had a background check. In fact, not one student has asked. But then no one calling me about my business has every asked, parent or not. I do welcome parents to stay during the tutoring sessions with high school kids or younger. And perhaps that's why none have asked.

Because of this particular combination of facts, I choose not to obtain separate background checks for my tutoring business. I can provide information for parents to verify my employment with Lincoln Public Schools upon request. And again, parents are welcome to stay during tutoring sessions.

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