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2012-11-25: Maggie is taking Calculus.

2012-11-17: Thomas is taking Physics and Electrical Engineering.

2012-11-14: Peri is taking college-level Physics.

2012-11-07: Kellan goes to the University of Nebraska - Lincoln (UNL) and is taking Physics, Calculus, and Discrete Math.

2012-10-06: Charlie is senior in high school in Lincoln Nebraska studying for both Advanced Algebra and the ACT.

2012-08-29: Danielle is an undergraduate studying to be a veterinarian taking physics and calculus. She worked online with me from Ohio State University.

2012-08-06: O. is a graduate student in biology that had to make up an undergraduate physics course deficiency.

2012-07-12: Oscar is a student studying for the MCAT.

2012-07-06: R. is the mother of a 2nd grade girl going on to the 3rd grade and 4th grade boy going on to 5th grade.