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Standard pricing subjects are subjects which require little to no off-line preparation by the tutor. These are subjects that tend to be commonly asked for by students.

College and Adult

One Person Rates

The rate for one person is $18 per hour.

Group Rates

An individual's group rate is calculated using the formula (n + 1) R / (2n) where n is the number of people in the group and R is a person's single-person price rate (including any promotional discounts). So the individual rate for two people (using the regular rate of $18/hr as an example) would be (2 + 1)($18 per hour) / 4 = $13.50 per hour, three people would be (3 + 1)$18 / 6 = $12 per hour, and so on. Promotions that lower an individual's single-person rate are applied before the group rate formula is used.

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