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Special pricing subjects are subjects which require a great deal of off-line preparation by the tutor. These are subjects that are rarely asked for by students. Generally for every hour spent with the student, the tutor will spend three or more hours without the student. Because these are so labor intensive, I generally will only take on one special price situation in a semester - two at the most. The cost to the student can be lowered if a digital unlocked pdf copy of the book is sent to me by the student, or if the student purchases a book for me (which I keep).

Special Pricing: One Person Rate

The rate for one person is $54 per hour.

Special Pricing: Group Rates

An individual's group rate is calculated using the formula (n + 1) R / (2n) where n is the number of people in the group and R is a person's single-person price rate (including any promotional discounts). So the individual rate for two people (using the regular rate of $54/hr as an example) would be (2 + 1)($5 per hour) / 4 = $40.50 per hour, three people would be (3 + 1)$54 / 6 = $36 per hour, and so on. Promotions that lower an individual's single-person rate are applied before the group rate formula is used.