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Wade-In Promotion

See standard pricing to find out more.

Flyers Promotion

With this promotion, you don't even have to be a student to earn money if you want to.

A large part of my business comes from word of mouth. This promotion is designed to expand on this. The promotion is very simple. You download and make duplicates of the promotional flyers. Print your name or skype name in the "Referral By" line and cut the flyers out. Then simply hand them to anyone who might be interested in getting some tutoring help. This could include college, high school, and middle school students.

Pull-Tab Promotion

Alternatively, you can hang out pull tab signs with your phone number in appropriate places. You want to use your phone number on the signs so you can tell them to mention your name in order to get their 50% off when they call me. You might also mention my web site.

While there is quite a variation in the amount of time any particular student requires throughout their course, I've found the average time students need is between 10 to 11 hours. When a student redeems the coupon, they need to tell me who they were referred by in order to get the 50% off on their first session. I record that information and as the referrer, you receive your choice of $2 cash or $5 tutoring time credit for each hour that student meets with me.

You can choose to have the money sent to your PayPal account with each meeting a student attends, build the cash and have it sent in set amounts to reduce transaction costs, or apply the credit for your own tutoring sessions eliminating all the transaction fees. Any leftover credit is paid to you with a $5 credit to $2 cash translation.